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A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution
linking loader
cross compiler
load and go
None of the above
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Pankaj Kumar Gupt said:   1 year ago
In order to execute two programs separately, a linking loader is used. That is link loader creates a link between two program.

Sujit jadhav said:   6 years ago
Compiler converts the high-level instruction to machine level instruction which is followed by Dynamic Loading where the program is loaded into the memory for execution. The Dynamic Linking process adds the system library along with the program which has to be executed. The new System library can be added or updated in the process of the dynamic Linking.

Raja said:   6 years ago
Basic structure for converting source code to machine language (souce code--> compiler-->assembler-->linker/loader).

Vikas Chauhan said:   7 years ago
For all programs, we need libraries and functions.
So a linker is used for linking the library files and after that loader loads those files for execution.

Akash jain said:   7 years ago
Linker provide the link to join 2 or more program code.

Joseph Quaye said:   8 years ago
I know there is a loader and a linker in the whole program executive cycle, so how come they have been mashed together? Linker loader?

Kokilavani.c said:   9 years ago
The linking loader link the separating object module(separate programs) and then load it into memory for execution.

Ex: For example in C language the high level language convert into machine level language. Here the linking loader is used to link high level language and machine level language and then loaded into memory for executing the program.

Anis said:   9 years ago
Thats why in run time, we must take all class file into the classpath in java which are used in our program.

Seema C said:   9 years ago
The modules in the program are compiled separately, and then loaded in to the main memory for the execution. It has to link several modules and library files. Then the loads loads the program for execution.

S Kumar said:   1 decade ago
Here the question is which is used for linking? so the answer is Linker and not Linker Loader. Linker is very different than loader.

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