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Process is
program in High level language kept on disk
contents of main memory
a program in execution
a job in secondary memory
None of the above
Answer: Option
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Pradeep said:   9 months ago
Process is a program under execution.

Ashish Rai said:   1 year ago
Program during execution is called process.

Liya said:   4 years ago
The piece of work loaded by OS into main memory in order to execute the program is known as a process.

Rupali Singh said:   9 years ago
Running state of any program is called process.

Revathi v said:   9 years ago
The current activity of a process is represented by the values in program counter.

Sanjay yadav said:   9 years ago
Process is set of program to execute that can change the state.

Satish kumar said:   10 years ago
Program is in execution called process that reside in main memory (primary memory). Process is a active entity.

Mathu said:   10 years ago
Process is only one instant of a program in execution. Many processes can be running for the same program.

Rafiq said:   1 decade ago
There is difference b/w program in execution & instance of program in execution.

Ravi said:   1 decade ago
Process is a program in execution its not an instance.

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