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Which of the following software types is used to simplify using systems software?

[A]. spreadsheet
[B]. operating environment
[C]. timesharing
[D]. multitasking
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Achu said: (Mar 2, 2012)  
Why time sharing?

Madhu said: (Apr 14, 2013)  
Time-sharing was developed out of the realization that while any single user was inefficient, a large group of users together was not. This was due to the pattern of interaction: Typically an individual user entered bursts of information followed by long pauses; but a group of users working at the same time would mean that the pauses of one user would be filled by the activity of the others. Given an optimal group size, the overall process could be very efficient.

Harshad said: (Jul 24, 2019)  
Yes, right @Madhu.

That would make usage of the system more efficient. It would not simplify anything in any way.

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