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Which of the following is the insertion operator?
both (a) and (b)
Answer: Option
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Salman said:   1 year ago
I think Option A is correct.

Mannu Jain said:   2 years ago
The insertion operator << is the one we usually use for output , as in: cout<<"this is output"<<endl;.

Raj said:   3 years ago
The correct operator is >>.

Suraj said:   5 years ago
C++ is able to input and output the built-in data types using the stream extraction operator >> and the stream insertion operator <<.

Bhushan said:   5 years ago
In C++, stream insertion operator "<<" is used for output and extraction operator ">>" is used for input.

Shiva Prasad said:   7 years ago
@Yajurved Lodhi and @Suvojeet Dutta are wrong.

&<< is the insertion operation.
and >> is the extraction operator.

Sharon said:   7 years ago
Operator << (ostream), insert characters.

istream >> extract formatted input.

YAJURVED LODHI said:   8 years ago
cin>>a; //This is insertion operator.

cout<<a; //This is extraction operator.

Suvojeet Dutta said:   8 years ago
Its wrong, >> is the insertion operator.

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