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You can use C++ as a procedural, as well as an object-oriented, language
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Pritam Gayen said:   3 years ago
All C programme are supported in C++ and there is also the features of Object- Oriented programme.

Manish sharma said:   7 years ago
C++ is procedural and OO language because C++ uses the C functions and C does not support re-usability but C++ does.

Allen said:   8 years ago
C++ is advance level of C, so it had feature over C. Hence, it can be used as procedural also.

Aruna said:   8 years ago
C language is base of the C++ language. So it support for the Procedural language. And using C++ language it support for the object oriented language also.

Asha said:   8 years ago
One is procedural and other is object orient. Then how it can be same?

Dharambir said:   8 years ago
C++ is the supercast of C language hence support all the features of C. And we all know C is procedural language.

And also C++ support the feature of object hence it is also object oriented language.

Siddu said:   9 years ago
C++ is inherited from C.

Priyanka said:   10 years ago
In a Procedural Language, we use subroutines/procedures to write a piece of code that could be used repetitively. In object oriented programming language, there are objects of classes where the classes have instance variables and methods. In C++, we can do both of the above tasks, thus it belongs to both the categories.

Linkeshwar said:   10 years ago
C++ is both a procedural and object oriented programming language because C++ does not imply strict usage of classes. Class is optional only.

C++ program can be created using functions alone.

Kanchan said:   10 years ago
C++ is a middle level language because c++ has features of both low level language i.e. concentration on what's going on in the machine hardware and high level language i.e. concentration on the program itself.

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