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The research and development department at your office has been experimenting with different technologies to help improve the performance of the network. One group has been examining the use of a broadband network versus a based band network. Select the correct statement about broadband and baseband.

[A]. Broadband networks carry several channels on a single cable, whereas in a baseband network several cables carry one channel
[B]. Baseband networks carry a single channel on a single cable, whereas broadband networks carry several channels on a single cable
[C]. Baseband refers to local area networks, and broadband refers to wide area networks.
[D]. Baseband operates at a standard bit rate, whereas broadband may operate at different rates as needed
[E]. Broadband and baseband refer to the different frequencies at which infrared operates then transmitting signals in certain conditions

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Abhijit Mitra said: (Dec 8, 2011)  
Both the answers A and B are correct.

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