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Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device
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Rakesh kumar said:   1 year ago
Good, Thanks @Vinayak.

Sid said:   7 years ago
Bridge, router, gateway, everything in network link similar or dissimilar types of network. But the decision of correct device always confused me. I can't differentiate them.

Eunnynjoro said:   7 years ago
Bridge allows multiple different networks to communicate.

Samawiki said:   7 years ago
How does a bridge operate on the physical layer and data link layer? Please explain.

Ishtiaq Ahmed said:   8 years ago
The correct answer is B.

Because Bridge is used to connect two LANs environment.

Anup joshi said:   9 years ago
Bridges working in data link layer and bridges are used to connects the LAN segments.

Vinayak said:   9 years ago
Router is wrong because asking for frames and frames are developed in data link layer, in which bridge or switch works while router is working on network layer(packet).

Uzma khan said:   9 years ago
Why router is a wrong answer?

Vikas pandey said:   9 years ago
Bridge it provide a to PC communication in the network.

Lalit said:   10 years ago
Bridge is a l2 device which provide 2 LAN communicate on the network.

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