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What is the default subnet mask for a class C network?
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Sam said:   2 years ago
Class A/B/C are for selecting the number of Hosts in your network(size of the network)(you can call it a number of users) in a single network.

A: First part is fixed, so it provides 256*256*256 hosts, similarly;
B: Two parts fixed provides 256*256*256 hosts and.
C. provides 256 hosts in each network.

Now mask is for obtaining the host Id from the whole I'd, we take bitwise OR with 255 for the fixed parts, and then do negation of each bit, so what remains is only host Id.

Bbrari said:   6 years ago
In class A -- N:H:H:H, here N means Network and H means Host. Default subnet mask.

N=255 and H =0 so Class A Default Subnet Mask 255:0:0:0 . Same As Class B-- N:N:H:H.
So Class B default Subnet Mask is 255:255:0:0 And Class C -- N: N:N:H.

So Class B default Subnet Mask is 255:255:255:0.

John said:   8 years ago
Kindly explain me IP address in simplest way.

Shailendra said:   9 years ago
Please explain option A.

Vikram jain said:   9 years ago
What is host bit?

Naveen said:   1 decade ago
Network bit defines how many network can be formed in a particular class.

Juwel said:   1 decade ago
What is mean network bits?

Satya Sworoop Dash said:   1 decade ago
Class A- as there is only one N/W bit and three host bit.

Class B- as there are two N/W bits and two host bits.

Class C- as there are Three N/W bits and one host bit.

Mohan said:   1 decade ago
What is Class A, B, C default subnet mask?

Balakrushna Nag said:   1 decade ago
In class C network there are less no hosts. i.e only 254 nos of hosts. Because here is 3 network bits & 1 host bit. (N.N.N.H).

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