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Which of the following is used for modulation and demodulation?
None of the above
Answer: Option
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Lakhhmeer Ali Baladi said:   4 years ago
Modem Abbreviated as a Modulator Demodulator which converts Analog signal into Digital signal.

Mitali said:   5 years ago
The name MODEM itself stands for MOdulation and DEModulation.

C.Abina said:   7 years ago
The modem is a modulator and demodulator. It is used to transmit and receive data.

Shreyas said:   8 years ago
As MODEM stands for MODULATOR-DEMODULATOR, so by simple logic we can answer this question as option A. Modem converts analog signals to digital and vice-versa.

Vijayalaxmi said:   9 years ago
Modulator and demodulators are the network statistics of an internet speed, so that we use those in Modem.

Hari said:   1 decade ago
Modem stands for Modulator and Demodulator. It converts Analog Signals to Digital and Viceversa.

Salim said:   1 decade ago
MoDem is Modulator and Demodulator.

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