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How can you add Amit, a new user, to your system?

[A]. Using useradd
[B]. Using adduser
[C]. Using linuxconf
[D]. All of the above
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ramchandra said: (May 15, 2012)  
Please explain me how to add new user using linuxconf?

Devi said: (Jun 7, 2012)  
Have tried creating the user using linuxconf but getting error could any one please suggest.

Anant said: (Dec 17, 2012)  
I don't know how we use linuxconf but you can also add a new user from,

[root@localhost ~]# system-config-users.

Savi said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Linuxconf command isn't there in man pages, So how to add by using linuxconf please tell me?

Divya Gupta said: (Jul 25, 2013)  
Please tell how the linuxconf is used to add user it is used to configure the Linux?

Issa said: (Oct 21, 2013)  
To add a new user account, follow these steps:

Start linuxconf.
Click the Config tab.
Expand the tree browser under Users Accounts, Normal, User Accounts.
Click on User Accounts. You should now see the Users Accounts panel.
Click Add.
Complete the required fields.
Click Accept.

Antriksh said: (Feb 20, 2014)  
useradd - Create a new user or update default new user information.

Satyam said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
Could anyone tell me, how to use these commands like : useradd, adduser, Linuxconf ?

Monika said: (Apr 11, 2015)  
How is it possible in putty man linuxconf is not there its showing Error Command.

Sachin said: (Nov 4, 2015)  
How to use linuxconf command for useradd ?

And this is possible in cmd mode?

Jagdishnegi said: (Dec 17, 2015)  
How can possible answer D?

Inderjeet said: (Apr 21, 2016)  
Useradd command is used for creating a user.

Bibin John said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
We can add a user in a linux system by using the command useradd username.

Ashish said: (Oct 8, 2017)  

" linuxconf " command is deprecated since 2001 so it won't work on your terminal. But previously it is in use as a GUI interface using " linuxconf & ".

Matish said: (Mar 15, 2018)  

useradd -c "comments/info about user" -s /bin/ksh -d /home/username -u <give the unique user id> -g <primary group> -G <secondary groups> username.

useradd -c "linux user" -s /bin/ksh/sh/bash/csh -d /home/linux -u 12344 -g linux -G admin linux.

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