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Which of the following command is used to create a Linux installation boot floppy?

[A]. mkboot disk
[B]. bootfp disk
[C]. ww and rawwrite
[D]. dd and rawrite
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Piu said: (Sep 22, 2012)  
What is meant by Linux installation hoot floppy.

Issa said: (Oct 14, 2013)  
Creating an installation disk from Linux/UNIX

# dd if=/images/boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k

Creating an installation from DOS or Windows

cd dosutils

Sayed Ahmad said: (Jul 15, 2014)  
Write the command to create a linux installation boot floppy or disk?

Sayed Ahmad said: (Jul 15, 2014)  
1. What hardware architectures are not supported by Redhat and why?

2. This file is not copy and also we use Double indirect blocks and Triple Indirect Blocks use following instruction and define the size of this file.

* Maximum block size=2kb.
* Assuming each level of indirection can access 64 blocks.
* Direct pointers=20blocks.

Surmeet said: (Oct 3, 2014)  
In Linux.. it is done by mkboot command.

mkboot makes a bootdisk. By default the bootdisk will use the kernel /boot/
vmlinuz and the current root partition.

i.e. Use the -d option to specify a different device for the floppy drive.

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