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What hardware architectures are not supported by Red Hat?
None of the above
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Mrinmoy Ganguly said:   7 months ago
Can anyone elaborate this in detail?

Dewan Mamun Raza said:   8 years ago
Can any one explain about Alpha and SPARC?

Nilesh said:   9 years ago
Macintosh is having MAC OS which is having it's own OS architecture.

Vishwendra patel said:   1 decade ago
Macintosh is apple base hardware which does not allowed any other OS to installed other than mac. :).

Raviteja said:   1 decade ago
Red Hat is the server o.s with Linux platform... In-case of Apple systems,they wont allow other o.s into their hardware. But for apple systems,apple servers are there.

Sesank said:   1 decade ago
What is Red Hat ?

Riya said:   1 decade ago
Can any one give an answer that how can we understand about the system question

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