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What command is used to remove the directory?
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Rajesh said:   3 months ago
rmdir is to remove an empty directory same as mkdir creates a directory

rm -rf it leads to removing the content in a directory permanently.

Sumanth said:   1 year ago
It's rm -rf.

Soham said:   4 years ago
rm -r *

To delete all directories.

Santanu panda said:   5 years ago
rm -rf will delete permanently.

So, it will delete an Empty directory.

Venkatesh said:   5 years ago
rmdir is a remove directory command.

Buganda said:   5 years ago
Absolutely correct.

rmdir removes the directory, also rmdir-rf removes directory's contents.

Venkat said:   9 years ago
It will remove only empty directory's only, if you want to remove content directory's.

Then go for rm -rfv filename.

Bibhuti said:   10 years ago

It delete only empty directory.

Jagannath said:   10 years ago
It also used rm -rf command.

So we can use both.

-rf option is use to del permanently.

Sandeep said:   1 decade ago
What is command rmdir?

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