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What command is used with vi editor to save file and remain in the editing mode?
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Bruce said:   6 years ago
This :w is just for writing and saving.

@Dharam, if you add ''q'' means you just quit the editor without even saving, that is why :w is always needed, to save and stay in the editor, or to save and quit by just typing '' wq! ".

ADITYA said:   8 years ago
We can also use to save and quit the file :x.

Bhavika said:   9 years ago
'w' is for writing & saving. We are using insert for writing.

Dharam said:   1 decade ago
In vi editors we use :wq write and quit to save the content.but if we used only w its means just write but not save, so that why we used :wq not w.

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