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When installing PCI NICS you can check the IRQ availability by looking at

[A]. dip switches
[C]. jumper settings
[D]. motherboard BIOS
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Shaswati said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect

NIC- Network Interface Card

IRQ- Interrupt Request

King said: (Apr 29, 2012)  
NICS-Network Interface Card Slot

Janani said: (Jun 6, 2013)  
What is mean by PCI, NIC & IRQ? explain about that please.

Araya said: (Oct 15, 2013)  
Short, how? and in which form factors?

Lieon said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
What is mean by PCI, NIC & IRQ? explain about that please.

Sarath.S said: (Jan 14, 2014)  
PCI - these are slots in the motherboard for connecting external.

Cards like nic's, other graphic cards etc.

NIC (network interface card) - these are cards used to connect your.

Computer to a network. These nic card consist of MAC address.

And this address connect our computer to the network. MAC Address (media access control address) its a 48 bit hexa decimal address on which 24 bit is assigned by OUI (organisation unique identifier) and the other 24 bit is assigned by the manufacturer. NOTE that each computer have its own mac address it never changes.

IRQ-these are interrupts, that our processor do work on the basis.

Of these IRQ values. Each process have one irq number like.

IRQ1, IRQ2 etc. For example: if the processor is working on.

Some process and the bus introduces a function with IRQ.

Number IRQ5 the processor will stop the present function and it process that function after that it will automatically resume to the previous function.

Archana said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
What is motherboard BIOS?

Syed Amer said: (Apr 5, 2014)  
BIOS - Basic Input Output System.

Rahul Shinde said: (Jul 25, 2014)  
1. BIOS does the booting process.

2. BIOS checks the input and output devices are operational or not when our computer get starts.

Mohammad Rahim said: (Dec 23, 2015)  
I need information about southern bridge and north bridge.

Chriscent said: (May 6, 2016)  
@Mohammad Rahim.

The southern bridge is next to the expansion buses or slots and storage.
The northern bridge is next to the RAM.


Dharma said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
Every LAN card has its own Mac address is it right.

Raanjan said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
Will the MAC address change if I change the NIC of a computer?

Digambar said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
What is mean by PCI, NIC & IRQ? Explain about that, please.

Aman said: (Jul 14, 2020)  
Yes, the Mac address of Nic change, if you change the NIC card.

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