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Which part interprets program instructions and initiate control operations.

[A]. Input
[B]. Storage unit
[C]. Logic unit
[D]. Control unit
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Rathika.B said: (Jan 15, 2012)  
Ya. We know already,

Control Unit is the unit of control all h/w in our system.

So, from control unit only interrupt the cpu while it is execution.

Raja Nama said: (Aug 13, 2012)  
What is logic unit ?

Avinash said: (Nov 11, 2012)  
An arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) is a digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical operations.

Pratibha Verma said: (Aug 12, 2013)  
Logic unit is that part of CPU that performs the logic operations. Logic operations like comparison etc.

Naresh Simha said: (Oct 9, 2013)  
Logic unit means it performs AND NOT OR XOR and some other operations.

Anithaamirtharaj said: (Dec 18, 2013)  
Control unit is resposible for interpert the program instruction and its lead to execution in sequential manner.

Sneha said: (Jan 23, 2014)  
Here we are are also discussing about initiation of control operation ie. Only initiated by control unit :).

Dattguru said: (May 6, 2014)  
ALL control and programmable eprom etc. Are located at control unit. The all source contains at control units.

Benard Ouma Owino said: (Sep 16, 2014)  
What is the relationship between ALU and Logic unit?

Vimal Bhatt said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
No relationship. It just same because both are single.

Romaric said: (May 18, 2016)  
ALU is a portion where arithmetic and logical operation is performed.

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