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Turbidity of water is expressed
in ppm
in numbers in an arbitrary scale
by pH value
by colour code.
Answer: Option
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Adams Garcia said:   2 years ago
The units of measure for turbidity are NTU, FNU, and EBC; the units of measure for the suspended solids are ppm.

SURESH MEENA said:   3 years ago
And the Turbidity units are JTU. NTU OR FTU.

Kavi said:   5 years ago
Turbidity s expressed as NTU.

Turbidity of H2O expressed as ppm.

Dhanu said:   7 years ago
Given option is correct. I agree.

Roy said:   7 years ago
3 NTU=1 ppm.

Bhaksar Manna said:   7 years ago
I think Option B is the correct answer.

Farhan said:   8 years ago
Nephelometric Turbidity Unit(NTU).

Not ppm.

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