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In distribution pipes, drain valves are provided at

[A]. lower point
[B]. higher point
[C]. junction points
[D]. any where.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Kavya said: (Dec 14, 2015)  
At the summit of main pipe, a branch is taken off from the lowest point, in which the drain valve is fixed. When the drain valve is opened, the water rushes out thus removing all the silt, clay, etc from the main line.

Vineet said: (Sep 5, 2016)  
I think the answer should be D.

It can provide anywhere as per requirement Either at lower point Or higher point.

Raj said: (Mar 20, 2018)  
Lower point is the right answer.

Kuntal Meena said: (Feb 18, 2020)  
Scour valve or blow off or drain valve are provided at the dead-end of the pipeline function to remove the sand silt, etc from pipeline.

Benjifanai said: (Mar 2, 2020)  
In distribution pipes, drain valves are provided at Lower point.

In distribution pipes, Air valves are provided at higher point.

Shiva said: (Aug 21, 2020)  
Why we keep drain valves in a lower point, why can't in junctions?

Santhu said: (Oct 17, 2020)  
Lower point is the right answer.

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