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The most commonly used chemical for dechlorination of water, is
sodium thiosulphate
sodium bisulphate
sodium sulphite
all the above.
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Kl rahul said:   1 year ago
Yes, agree, All of the above is the correct answer.

Mahesh sinh M Rajput said:   1 year ago
So2 is generally used as dechlorination.

B.Singh said:   2 years ago
Dechlorinating agents are sulphur dioxide, sodium thiosulphate, activated carbon, sodium sulphite and sodium bisulphite.

So, All of the above is correct.

Yash said:   3 years ago
All of the above is the right answer.

Mirwais kakar said:   3 years ago
Thanks everyone for explaining it.

Anirban Roy said:   4 years ago
It is either sodium thiosulphate or SO2.

Kalloljit said:   4 years ago
All of the above is the correct answer.

Parikshit Mahato said:   4 years ago
Agree, the answer could be sulphur dioxide.

Peter said:   4 years ago
Thanks for the answer @Chetan.

Hardik said:   4 years ago
Yes, the answer will be E.

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