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Rapid gravity filter can only remove turbidity of water upto

[A]. 15 to 25 gm/litre
[B]. 25 to 30 gm/litre
[C]. 30 to 35 cm/litre
[D]. 35 to 40 gm/litre
[E]. 50 gm/litre.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Sachin said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
It's upto 50 mg/litre so answer is E.

Puneet said: (Jun 23, 2018)  
50 mg/l is for slow sand fillter.

Sourabh said: (Aug 25, 2018)  
Up to 50mg/l slow sand filter for rapid?

Please, anyone, tell me.

Googly Boi said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
50 is for slow sand. 30 is for RSF.

Amu Bokato said: (Mar 11, 2019)  
Is rapid sand filter same as rapid gravity filter? Please clarify it.

Peter said: (Sep 14, 2020)  
@Amu Bokato.

Rapid sand filter and rapid gravity filter, both are the name of a single filter.

Suman said: (Jul 21, 2021)  
50 is the correct answer.

Ganesh Sanjyal said: (Nov 2, 2021)  
Slow sand 60.

Rapid gravity 35-40.

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