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If pH value of water is
7 water it is said to be neutral
less than 7 it is said to be acidic
more than 7 it is said to be alkaline
all the above.
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Ratnakala said:   7 years ago
PH value of 7 indicate nutral, <7 indicate acidic, >7 indicate basic, but always pure water in nutral form, niether acidic nor basic, but change in pH it changes hard and softness of water properties.

Prasobha said:   10 years ago
pH value of pure water is 7, it is neither acidic nor alkaline.When then pH value of water is below 7, it is said to be soft water and when the pH value is higher than 7 it is said to be Hard water.

Muni raj swamy said:   2 years ago
Less than 7 is acidic.
More than 7 is alkaline.
And 7 is natural.

Akash choudhary said:   9 years ago
It should be between 6.5 to 8.5.

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