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If w is the weight of water per cubic metre, Q is the discharge in cubic metres per sec and H is the total head, the required water horse power of the pump, is

[E]. none of these.

Answer: Option A


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Shahzeb said: (Jun 2, 2016)  
The correct formula is WQH/75.

Plese tell me if I'm wrong.

Sagar said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
Agree @Shahzeb.

It is Wqh/75.

Farhan said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Yes, it should be 75 in place of 15.

Mrinal Kanti Biswas said: (Nov 14, 2017)  
w = unit wt of water in KN/cum.
Q = Discharge in cum/sec.
H = total head.
Then, required H.P. = wQH/0.735.

Gubendhiran said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
Hers, H.P = (wQH)/(0.735*efficiency of pump).

Joe said: (Jan 25, 2020)  
Water horse power= w*Q*H/75.
Break horse power= w*Q*H/ efficiency.

Pavan said: (Apr 24, 2020)  
Yeah, it's WQH/75.

Not 15.

Rosie said: (Sep 30, 2021)  
No it Should be 75 instead of 15.

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