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Most satisfactory formula for an estimate of fire demand Q for a city of population P in thousands for Indian conditions, is
Q = 1640 P (1 - 0.01 P)
Q = 3180 P
none of these.
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Tanmoy said:   2 years ago
For India Q=100√ P.

Suraj said:   4 years ago
Q = 3182 √P.

K.nandini said:   5 years ago
It should be Q=3182 √p.

Sipashree Behera said:   5 years ago
Yes, Q=3182*√P.

Pari said:   5 years ago
Kuchling's formula. Q=3182 * √ P, where P is in thousands and Q in litres/min.

Prabhat said:   6 years ago
Yes, Option D (none of the above answers is correct).

Due to Kuching's Formula:
Q=3182 X √P.

Amar said:   6 years ago
Actual formula 3182√ P. None of the above answer is correct.

Akshay said:   6 years ago
3182 √p -> Kuchling's Formula.

Mahidip said:   7 years ago
Kuchling's formulae is appropriate and most satisfactorily to measure fire demands.

Dvs said:   7 years ago
Yes, @Ashish.

5 correct.

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