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B.O.D. of treated water should be
10 ppm
25 ppm
20 ppm
30 ppm
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Kushal said:   3 years ago
I think it's 20 ppm.

Amit kumar said:   5 years ago
The minimum value of BOD is 4ppm and the maximum is BOD is 10ppm.

MlLLARI said:   5 years ago
It depends where the treated water is discharged to;

For discharge in Surface water its 20 ppm.
For discharge in Marine its 100 ppm.
For discharge in Land its 500 ppm.
Nil is for Drinking purposes.

Thejoroop said:   5 years ago
BOD of treated water should be nil, so as to make it free from organic matter.

Ska said:   6 years ago
Right @Aparna.

Aparna said:   7 years ago
Treated water should be less than 20ppm. But for drinking purpose it should be zero.

Sujeet said:   8 years ago
Not less than 4 PPM.

Azhar said:   1 decade ago
It should be equal or less than 4 ppm mean mg/lit to dispose it to the lake or water bodies.

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