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Corrosion of well pipes may not be reduced by

[A]. reducing the draw down and the pumping rate
[B]. reducing the flow velocity
[C]. using thicker pipes
[D]. using screens having larger area of openings
[E]. none of these.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Bindiya said: (May 4, 2016)  
Can anyone explain the concept?

Because I'm not able to understand this.

Kislay Srivastav said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Is there any reason for this?

Abunu said: (Dec 11, 2016)  
Explain it.

Raja said: (Mar 20, 2017)  
I didn't get anything. Please explain it.

Amit said: (Jun 16, 2017)  
Please explain.

Garry said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
If velocity will high Re will be more losses will be more so surface of pipe will get eroded if large size mesh used then head loss will be very less and erosion can't be controlled in this way.

Vishal said: (Dec 21, 2017)  
Please, can anyone explain this?

Anm said: (Apr 11, 2018)  
It's erosion.

Aadarsh Devkate said: (Jan 24, 2019)  
The Answer is E. None of these.

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