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The R.L. of ground water table on the sides of a valley is 1505 m whereas R.L. of the stream water is 1475 m. If 60° slope consists of pervious soil between R.L. 1485 m to 1500 m, the gravity spring may be expected at the point of reduced level

[A]. 1500 m
[B]. 1505 m
[C]. 1475 m
[D]. 1485 m.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Mdpawar said: (Dec 3, 2015)  
How to calculate?

Hesan said: (Mar 9, 2016)  
Please calculate the question.

Ayush Sharma said: (May 5, 2016)  
No calculation is required it. The solution is based on observation.

Amit Kumar said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
How to calculate it?

Debashis said: (Mar 10, 2018)  
How to calculate? Please explain.

Raj said: (Mar 20, 2018)  
Please, anyone, explain it.

Ravi said: (Jun 10, 2018)  
It's given that slop is previous between 1485 m to 1500 m and it means the remaining area is impervious. Hence the answer is 1485 m.

Prachi said: (Sep 13, 2019)  

Why it can't be 1500?

Azaad said: (Sep 16, 2020)  
Water will be at the lowest level due to gravity. Hence 1485 is correct.

Engee said: (Feb 13, 2021)  

The answer is 1485 because the pressure is maximum here.

Leepts said: (Apr 24, 2021)  
Water is under gravity, without any external energy it is quite impossible to goes to higher level.

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