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The deficiency in rain catch due to vertical acceleration of air forced upward over the gauge, is

[A]. greater for heavy rain
[B]. greater for lighter rain
[C]. greater for large drops
[D]. lesser for small rain drops.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Ratna Kumar said: (Oct 29, 2016)  
I didn't understand this question, please explain it.

Marvin said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
Please Explain it.

Marvin said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
Explain it.

Don said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
Please Explain it.

Vasu said: (Jun 11, 2017)  
Due to wind force which type of rain is greatly effect while catching raindrops in rain gauge?

Abirami said: (Jun 12, 2017)  
Please explain it.

Dvs said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Yes, as the wind blows the rain with lighter intensity with getting blow off from reaching the rain gauges hence the effect is greater for the light rain.

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