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The minimum recommended diameter of sewers, is

[A]. 5 cm
[B]. 10 cm
[C]. 15 cm
[D]. 20 cm.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Take Lomdak said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Please explain me how it is 15 cm ?

Shiny said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Min diameter of the sewer is 15 cm.

Max diameter of the sewer is 300 cm.

T.P.Sreejani said: (May 29, 2014)  
The principal materials used in the manufacture of sewer pipe are asbestos cement, ductile iron, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, polyvinyl chloride, and vitrified clay. Minimum sewer sizes are usually specified in local building codes. Building sewer connections vary in size from 100 to 150 mm. The minimum size recommended for gravity sewers is 200 mm although 150 mm connections have been used in some communities.

Type of pipe size range in mm.

Asbestos cement 100-900.
Ductile iron 100-1350.
Reinforce concrete 300-3600.
Prestressed concrete 400-3600.
Polyvinyl chloride 100-375.
Vitrified clay 100-900.

Adinarayana Reddy said: (Jul 9, 2014)  
What about SWGP, generally we have used SWGP pipes for Sewer line?

Satya said: (Dec 24, 2014)  
Size: Sanitary sewer mains shall be of adequate size to convey population generated (peak dry weather) flows, plus a general allowance for inflow and infiltration, plus an allowance for inflow allowance for manholes in sag locations. The inside diameter of sanitary sewer pipes must measure at least 200 mm.

Asaithambi said: (Dec 16, 2016)  
Diameter of sewer pipes is based on the velocity of flowing sewer. Sewer pipe size is reducing velocity is high.

15cm to 25cm = 1m/s.

Joydeep Rooj said: (Oct 4, 2017)  
Is it right that max dia of sewer 300 cm?

Garry said: (Oct 29, 2017)  
Which IS code recommends this 15 cm please tell me?

Viru Kapoor said: (Mar 10, 2018)  
Min 15cm.
Max 300 cm.
As per Indian Standard.

Robbin said: (Oct 13, 2018)  

Can you please mention the IS code you are referring here?

Pat said: (Jan 21, 2019)  
Is self-cleansing velocity directly or inversely proportional to the diameter of the sewer?

Please anyone tell me.

Anaso said: (Jan 31, 2019)  
As per my knowledge, 10 cm pipe for the gradient is mentioned for sewer.

If the minimum pipe for sewer is 15 cm, there is no necessity to mention the 10 cm pipe in the text!

Ujjwal Mondal said: (Feb 22, 2019)  

It is ap per IS 1742:1983.

Shubham said: (Aug 26, 2019)  
Thanks @Ujjwal.

Uttam said: (Feb 26, 2020)  
150mm - In plane area.

100mm - In hilly area.

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