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For providing an Indian type W.C., the R.C.C. slabs in the toilet portion
should be sunk by 20 cm
should be kept 20 cm above the adjacent portion
should be sunk by 50 cm
need not be sunk.
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Engr Shabbir said:   2 years ago
20cm is the correct answer.

Mohd daud said:   4 years ago
May be sunken portion in slab taken as 20 to 30 cm. To place the pipe, and cinder is also fill in that portion to absorb the water from leakage.

Rupesh Gandu said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Rupesh.

RUPESH SINGH said:   7 years ago
The purpose of having sunk slabs to place the sanitation pipe's below the floor and care as to be taken against the leakage of water from sanitation pipe.

Hitesh said:   7 years ago

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