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For drainage pipes in buildings the test applied before putting them to use, is

[A]. water test
[B]. smoke test
[C]. straightness test
[D]. all the above.

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Prasanna Tuty said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
Why not option D?

Satyawan Radhedhysm Suthar said: (Jan 6, 2018)  
D should be the correct option.

Balvinder Guleria said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
Yes, it's D.

Siddharth said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
Option D is correct.

Pramod said: (May 30, 2018)  
Why option D is correct?

Describe please.

Sagar said: (Jun 20, 2018)  
In the drainage methane gas then check the content of the methane gas that's why this test is conducted.

Suresh Relu said: (Oct 30, 2018)  
Answer is correct because other two options are used for large work.

Shashikanth said: (Mar 4, 2020)  
Here they have asked for a building so, the smoke test is used.

Pavan said: (Apr 26, 2020)  
The Correct answer should be D.

Anirban Roy said: (Aug 3, 2020)  
No, the answer is correct as for pipe network in a building we need to check only the leakage. So only smoke test is conducted.

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