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A rainfall may be classified as acidic if its pH value is less or equal to
Answer: Option
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Hareram sah said:   3 months ago
Lower the ph value higher the acidity.

So, among these 5 is the lowest.

Mabin said:   2 years ago
The normal rainfall ph is 5.6 which is also known as unpolluted air.

Anything lower than 5.6, which is 5 or lower, as stated in the choices, is considered to be acidic for rain.

Yogesh khairnar said:   3 years ago
The rainfall is acidic when it's below 7.
Not 7.
7 is neutral.

Then answer is below 7,
It could be 6, 5, 6.5.

Manish Rajput said:   3 years ago
Actually, the standard value of pH for acid rain is 5.6.

Sushma said:   4 years ago
The Rainfall PH is 5.6 to 6.5.

Tarundai said:   4 years ago
According to IS (Indian standard), 5.0 is the standard value. So, option C.5 is the correct answer.

Krishna said:   4 years ago
Which is the Correct answer? Please explain.

Dpk said:   4 years ago
For Acid rain pH 5.6.

Viru kapoor said:   5 years ago
For rain it is taken as 5. As per IS.

Khan said:   5 years ago
Equal or less than 6, So, option A.

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