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The detention time of a circular tank of diameter d and water depth H, for receiving the sewage Q per hour, is


Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Dave said: (May 7, 2017)  
How? please explain the derivation.

Bandlaravichandra said: (May 26, 2018)  
The Units of detention time is -sec.

Subbu said: (Jul 30, 2018)  
The unit of detention time is sec.

So we have 4 options can choose first one.
(d^2=m^2 ) * ( (d=m)+(h=m))==m^3.

Naga Sai said: (Nov 1, 2018)  
Simple logic, thanks @Subbu.

Sandeep Kumar said: (Jan 13, 2021)  
Thanks for explaining.

Hima said: (Aug 11, 2021)  
Detention time (t) is equal to Volume of circular tank divided by rate of flow (Q).

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