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The settling velocity of a spherical particle of diameter less than 0.1 mm as per Stock's law, is
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Snehasish Mukherjee said:   2 years ago
Option B for Taminar flow.

And Option A for Transitional flow.

Abhik Majhi said:   2 years ago

The unit can't be changed.

Gaurav said:   2 years ago
Given answer is correct because they have asked less than 1mm.

Options A is correct when they asked for 1mm <d <1mm.

Deepak said:   3 years ago
Explain the correct answer.

Vim said:   3 years ago
The Correct answer is option A.

Pavan said:   3 years ago
The answer should be Option A.

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