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For treating the sewage of a large city, you will recommend
a sedimentation tank and an activated sludge treatment plant
a plant consisting of Imhoff tanks with low rate trickling filters
sedimentation tanks with high rate trickling filters
none of these.
Answer: Option
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Tushar Kanti Roy said:   3 months ago
Thanks @Sravan & @Anirban.

Anirban Roy said:   2 years ago
In activated sludge process, the detention period is only for 2 hours. So quick treatment.

Vasanthadevi said:   6 years ago
And in city human waste and industrial waste both treatment plan required.

Chhaya said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Sravan.

Sravan G Kumar said:   6 years ago
In sedimentation tank, 30 to 35% of settleable organic matter can be removed.

Activated sludge process can remove 50 to 60% of soluble organic matter.

That is why mostly we recommended for these two treatment units.

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