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If D is the diameter of a circular sewer and D' is the top horizontal diameter of an equivalent egg shaped section, the relationship which holds good, is

[A]. D' = 0.64 D
[B]. D' = 0.74 D
[C]. D' = 0.84 D
[D]. D' = 0.94 D.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Gayatri said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
I need an explanation for these answer. Please anyone tell me.

Kallan said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
Area of circular sewer = pi/4 * D^2.
Area of egg-shaped sewer = (15+8*π)/32 * D'^2.
Equate them.

Shivam said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
Thank you @Kallan.

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