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If D is the diameter of upper circular portion, the overall depth of a standard egg shaped section, is

[A]. D
[B]. 1.25 D
[C]. 1.5 D
[D]. 1.75 D
[E]. 2 D.

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Govinda said: (Dec 22, 2015)  
Why the depth of sewer is 1.5D?

Ashish said: (Jan 1, 2016)  
Because top Dia-D and Bottom Dia D/2.

Hence total depth D+D/2 = 1.5 D.

Asaithambi said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Top diameter = D.
Bottom diameter = D/2.

Total diameter = top diameter + bottom diameter.
= D + D/2 = 1.5D.

Rk Patidar said: (Nov 14, 2016)  
Top diameter is D or bottom diameter is 1.5 that's why 1.5 D.

ANKUSH KAUL said: (Aug 17, 2017)  
Because egg shape sewer inscribed of two sewers.
1 for sullage and 1 for drainage.
Since, dia of sullage sewer is 1/2 * (dia of drainage sewer).
Therefore, Accumulated Dia = D+0.5D = 1.5D.

Ramratan Saket said: (May 15, 2018)  
Top dia=D,
Bottom dia=D/2,
So, total dia=D+D/2=1.5D.

Yogesh said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
3d/2 = 1.5D.

Pranab said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
But here asking for overall depth, not diameter please anyone explain it.

Sandeep said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
The overall depth is = 1.5 times of the diameter of circular portion.i.e ( d=1.5D).

Mahfuz Mazu said: (Feb 19, 2021)  
Yes, 1.5D is the correct answer.

Muniraj said: (Feb 25, 2022)  
Yes, D = 1.5d.

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