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In sewers the effect of scouring is more on
top side
bottom side
horizontal side
all sides.
Answer: Option
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Samjhe bhaiyon said:   5 years ago
On the top side it's corrosion which happen due to gases like h2s and methane.

On bottom side it's scouring due to waste particle present in sewage.

Manu said:   5 years ago
Top side is the answer.

Maxp50 said:   6 years ago
The answer is correct.

As the sewers are never designed to flow full (otherwise it'll become a pressure flow case which is generally not provided in case of sewers) and also upper one-fourth portion is always kept vacant in order to avoid mixing of the sewage with the gases (H2S, etc).

Kunti said:   6 years ago
Is this answer correct?

But I thought it as TOP.

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