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A high efficiency pump is required for low discharge, high head and low maintenance cost. Delivery of water need not be continuous. The pump need not run at high speed. Which one of the following is the correct choice ?
Centrifugal pump
Reciprocating pump
Air lift pump
Hydraulic ram
Answer: Option
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Johnny said:   2 years ago
Reciprocating pump have low efficiency and shorter life span.

Siddhaji sakre said:   4 years ago
Low cost & high efficiency.

Sudhanshu said:   4 years ago
The reciprocating pump has high efficiency,
Also, k/a positive displacement pump has high head low discharge.

Vaibhav said:   7 years ago
D) hydraulic ram - low cost, high efficiency, low discharge.

Asaithambi said:   8 years ago
Hydraulic ram pump = no energy, high-level point to low-level point water discharge.

Air left pump = low suction head, moderate discharge and enter solids, pump injection bottom compressed air producing with discharge involved.

Mani Bhushan said:   8 years ago
High head low discharge - reciprocating pump.

High discharge low head - centrifugal pump.

Strike wala said:   9 years ago
Reciprocating pump is a positive displacement pump. The given pump is single acting single cylinder pump with air vessel. It can be used for less discharge at higher heads. Priming is not required because it is a positive displacement pump.

Reciprocating pumps are used in pumping water in hilly areas. Reciprocating pumps has lower efficiency compared to centrifugal pumps.

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