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What is the use of a station pointer ?
For making soundings in water bodies
For plotting of soundings in harbour area
For marking sunken shipping hazards
For making tidal observations
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Jp math said:   6 years ago
An instrument that has three arms of which the two outer are adjustable and the inner is fixed at the zero of a circle and that is used for locating on a chart the position of a place from which the angles subtended by three distant objects whose positions are known have been observed.

JAGADEESH said:   7 years ago
It is a navigational instrument that fixes a ship's position on a chart by determining its place relative to two landmarks or conspicuous objects at sea.

Keerthana M said:   7 years ago
Station pointer is used for plotting a ship\'s position from horizontal sextant angles taken between two or more objects or geographical features.

Gaurav said:   8 years ago
It is used in ordinary hydrographic survey work to fix a point from three or more trigonometric stations by resection.

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