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The base width of a soil gravity dam is 25 m. The material of the dam has a specific gravity of 2.56 and the dam is designed as an elementary profile ignoring uplift. What is the approximate allowable height of the dam ?
64 m
40 m
164 m
80 m
Answer: Option
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B.Singh said:   1 year ago
For an elementary profile of the dam,
The base width of the dam is given by:
B = H/√(Sc-C).

When uplift is ignored, C =0.

B = H/√(Sc).
Where, Sc = 2.56, B = 25.
H = B*√(Sc) = 25*√2.56 = 40 m.

Rohit pal said:   4 years ago
The Correct Answer is option A.

Surendra said:   4 years ago
By ignoring upift B=40 is the correct answer.

Harry B. said:   5 years ago
According to me, it is supposed to be 56m unless there is a governing limitation for the base to height ratio. Am I right?

Trebor said:   5 years ago
Where did you get the 1.6 where the uplift is zero? Please explain.

NIKHIL.P.PILLAI said:   7 years ago
B = H/root of 2.56.
25= H/1.6,
H = 40.

Engr shabbir said:   9 years ago
B=H/under root (specific gravity-uplift)
25=H/ Under root (2.56-0)=40m

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