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A flash mixer of 2.0 m3, with a velocity gradient of mixing mechanisms equal to 660/s, and fluid absolute viscosity of 1.0 x 10-3 Ns/m2 is continuously operated. What is the power input per unit volume ?

[A]. 360 W
[B]. 720 W
[C]. 1440 W
[D]. 300 W

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Amith S said: (Apr 22, 2018)  
It will be 871 watt.

Goofy said: (Mar 14, 2019)  
It should be 871.2 watt.

It'S Aj said: (Jan 2, 2021)  
Velocity gradient G= (P/uV)^1/2)

Power input per unit volume P= uG^2V,
P= 1*10^-3*660^2*2,
P= 871.2.

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