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The figure shows a rigid frame fixed at A and hinged at C.
If a pure moment of 20 kNm is applied at B in the plane of the figure, then what is the moment at the fixed end A?

[A]. 10 kNm
[B]. 7.5 kNm
[C]. 5 kNm
[D]. 2.5 kNm

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Srinu said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
Please give the explanation for the solution.

Umesh said: (Sep 4, 2018)  
As per moment distribution method,
Make use of a concept called carry-over factor.
20 kn moment is carried to both the supports a and c equally.

20/4= 5.

Jay said: (May 28, 2019)  
Far and fixed so carry over factor is 1/2 hence 20/2 so 10knm will be the answer.

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