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A symmetrical three-hinged parabolic arch of span L and rise h is hinged at springings and crown. It is subjected to a. U.d.l. W throughout the span. Which the banding moment at a section L/4 from the left support.
WL2/8 h
Answer: Option
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Vishalraj said:   2 years ago
Zero is the correct answer.

Priyanka said:   2 years ago
D is the correct answer.

A Ali said:   3 years ago
D is the correct answer.

Dolly said:   5 years ago
Yeah, it must be D.

Chhaya said:   6 years ago
Yes, it should be ZERO.

Mainak said:   6 years ago
3 hinged parabolic arch subjctd to udl of full length, BM at any section is zero.

Mrinmoy Nath said:   6 years ago
Well in 3-hinge parabolic arch the bending moment should be 0.

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