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A fixed beam made of steel is shown in the figure. At collapse, the value of load P will be equal to :

[A]. 10 Mp/L
[B]. 12 Mp/L
[C]. 16 Mp/L
[D]. 20 Mp/L

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Upkar said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Option A is correct.

Shiva said: (Sep 22, 2017)  
Yes, option A is correct.

Dev said: (Oct 17, 2017)  
Option A is correct.

Manjunatha R.N. said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
Yes, Option A is correct. I too agree.

Shankar Mishra said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
How to find it, please explain?

Abdullah said: (Mar 28, 2018)  
Option B is correct.

Roman said: (Oct 11, 2018)  
As per my knowledge, p=10(mp/l).

Rahul Sharma said: (Feb 9, 2019)  
Can Anyone please tell how it is calculated?

Harikrishnan said: (Mar 8, 2020)  
Please explain.

Vicy said: (Dec 8, 2020)  
Please explain in detail.

Vicky said: (Dec 8, 2020)  
For collapse, using the virtual method.

MPθ+2MPθ+ MP(2θ) = PLθ/2.
PLθ= 10MPθ.
P = 10 MP/L.

Priyanka said: (Jan 12, 2021)  
A is the correct answer.

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