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In steady laminar flow of a liquid through a circular pipe of internal diameter D, carrying a constant discharge, the hydraulic gradient is inversely proportional to

[A]. D
[B]. D2
[C]. D4
[D]. D5

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Umesh Jit said: (Sep 17, 2018)  
Q = KIA.
A = (π /4)*D^2.

Vini said: (Jun 26, 2019)  
= 32uQL/yAD^2.
= 32uLQ/yD^2(π/4)D^2.
=128 uLQ/yπD^4.

Therefore, hydraulic gradient=gf/L.
= 128 uQ/yπD^4.
Hf is inversely proportional to D^4.

Saravanaraja said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Yes correct @Vini.

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