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A mild steel bar is 40 cm long. The lengths of parts AB and BC of the bar are 20 cm each. It is loaded as shown in the given figure. The ratio of the stresses, σ1 in part AB to σ2 in part BC is

[A]. 2
[B]. 1/2
[C]. 4
[D]. 1/4

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Chhaya said: (May 19, 2017)  
I think the right answer is D.

Subha Annadurai said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
Option D is correct.

Uday said: (Feb 28, 2019)  
D is the right answer.

Nomenie said: (Apr 16, 2020)  
How comes D? Please explain.

Priyanka said: (Jan 12, 2021)  
D is correct.

Σ1 equal to pl.
Σ2 equal to pl/4.

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