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A soil has a bulk density of 1.80 g/cm3 at water content of 5%. If the void ratio remains constant, then its bulk density for a water content of 10% will be
1.88 g/cm3
1.80 g/cm3
1.98 g/cm3
1.70 g/cm3
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Ajay Kumar Yadav said:   7 months ago
Agree, A is the correct answer.

Vel said:   2 years ago
I agree 1.88 is the correct answer.

Ankit Kumar soni said:   2 years ago
1.88 is the correct answer.

Nithin S said:   3 years ago
Theoretically, adding water dosen't change dry density.

Hence, Yd is constant.

Rushikesh patil said:   3 years ago
STEP 1. Y= 1.8/(1+0.05)

STEP 2. put y value in same formula,
X = 1.88.
(X is an unknown bulk density.)

Minnu Rajeev said:   4 years ago
Option D is the correct answer.

Akshay Thakur said:   5 years ago
Option D is correct and the answer is 1.88 gm/cc.

SOMENATH GORAI said:   5 years ago

Madhu said:   5 years ago
Please tell me how it is calculated?

Pradeep Thogiti said:   6 years ago
For bulk density formula, further simplification we get;
(y2)/(y1) = (1+w2)/(1+w1),
=> y2/1.80 = (1+0.1)/(1+.05),
=>y2= 1.88.

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