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The local sidereal time (LST) is always
ahead of the local mean time (LMT) by about 2 hours per month
behind LMT by about 2 hours per month
ahead of LMT by about 4 hours per month
equal to LMT
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Muhammad Mumtaz said:   3 years ago
Anyone explain about sidereal time.

Anonymous said:   3 years ago
Answer should be B.

LoeSher said:   4 years ago
1 local mean day 24 hours=>23hours 56' min 4.09" sec of the sidereal day.

The sidereal time is always behind the LMT.

Mahesh sinh said:   4 years ago
It's ahead 4 minutes per day than in one month.
30*4= 120 minute convert it in hr.
2 hrs per month.

Flora said:   6 years ago
Yeah, it's b, I also agree @Hitesh.

Hitesh said:   8 years ago
In Gupta book, the answer is b.

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