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The coordinates of two end-points A and B traverse line AB are XA = 1000.00 m, YA = 1000.00 m XB = 2000.00 m, YB = 1000.00 m The bearing of the line AB will be

[A]. 0°0'00"
[B]. 60°0'00"
[C]. 90°0'00"
[D]. 180°0'00"

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Ajay Kumar said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
Please explain it.

Smrithi said: (May 15, 2018)  
Line is horizontal in positive x direction.

Kishan Datta said: (May 27, 2018)  
We have the formula to find out the angle by use of coordinate.

Bearing of line AB=tan-1 (Xb-Xa/Yb-ya).
= tan-1
= tan-1(1000/0).
= tan-1(infinity Or not define).

Now by use of trigonometric table find the angle which tan value should be infinity or not define
So the value is 90°.

ANS = 90°.

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