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A two hinged parabolic arch of span l and rise h carries a load varying from zero at the left end to ω per unit run at the right end. The horizontal thrust is
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Umair ahmad said:   3 years ago
The answer should be C. wl^2/12.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Horizontal Truss, H = WL^2 / 8h, for three hing arch.
And H = WL^2 / 16 h, for two hing arch.

Besu said:   4 years ago
The correct answer is wl^2/12h (- / compression).

After calculation , Va= wl/6 , Vb= wl/3.
Taking sum (Mc)=0.
-Vb x (l/2) +1/2wl.l/6 - H.h=0.
H = -wl^2/12h.

Steve said:   6 years ago
How? please explain.

Kallan said:   6 years ago
Answer is wl^2/12h.

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